Unique Marketing Expertise At Your Service

What makes us different is the unique combination of 15 years of experience in online marketing, an MBA and web design skills which will give you a competitive advantage.

When hiring Lumiere Marketing you will immediately get the full support from our:

. Business Acumen – with an MBA from Chapman University (Orange, CA), I fully understand what your business needs are, which will allow me to craft and implement a powerful strategy that will help you succeed.
. Online Marketing Expertise – I have more than 15 years of experience marketing small and big websites in various industries; I am constantly keeping updated with the latest search engine trends, which will be essential to give you an edge against your competitors.
. Webmaster/Design Experience – Having created my first website back in 1998, I have 17 years of experience designing and maintaining websites.
. Multicultural Vision – supported by Spanish speaking staff and fluent in French, I  have the capability to help you expand in multicultural markets, whether it’s locally or internationally.